Deluxe Tickets Sold Out?

When Deluxe admission is sold out, you still have options to enjoy Fields of Fear. If you still want the haunted experience, we offer a limited number of Last Plus tickets, and Firegrounds Only admission is always available. Find out more information below, then buy your tickets online.

Last Plus Tickets

When Deluxe tickets are gone, we offer a limited number of “Last Plus” tickets for that night. These tickets will get you into the Firegrounds, one hayride, and EITHER Cornightmare OR Forest (but not both)- you choose which one when you purchase your ticket. You must arrive at the farm before 10 PM, and your attraction entry times will be between 10:30 and 11:30. Please note: these tickets are limited, only available online, and may sell out.

Firegrounds Only Tickets

Firegrounds Only tickets get you access to the Firegrounds but do not include any of the haunted attractions. You will be able to enjoy the slide, bonfires, entertainment, Foamhenge, etc., but you will not be able to access the hayride or the haunted trails. This ticket does not sell out and is valid any night of Fields of Fear; it can be purchased online and redeemed until 10 PM every night.

Firegrounds Only Tickets

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